That Monday morning feeling can affect all of us, but hopefully we soon get over it and back into the swing of working productively with others.

If negativity, low morale or an underlying ‘atmosphere’ linger all week, it’s difficult for everyone to do their best work.

Although research and experience have shown that removing demotivators is unlikely to motivate people, it’s certainly true that if you don’t remove them you will have a demotivated team – and no-one wants that.

So what are the main demotivators in the workplace?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and undervalued
  • Being micro-managed
  • Poor communication
  • Not getting feedback on performance
  • Unnecessary company policies
  • Conflict or lack of team spirit

All these are under the manager’s control and none of them cost much to address in terms of time or money.

If we make a point of working on the things that can foster a more pleasant and positive atmosphere at work, then we can work on things that will actively motivate people – more on that to follow in future posts…