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Build your competence and confidence with this online personal development training – accessible from wherever you are in the world!
Enhance your skills and potential by joining with others to learn and explore topics together – it’s the way forward in today’s global workplace!
The workshops will be in real time with real benefits to you in being able to discuss your learning with Sharon and the rest of the group, ask questions and add your input.

You will receive a Certificate of completion at the end of each programme.
We will have a maximum of 10 people on each workshop so that you have the chance to interact with Sharon and the other delegates.
Workshops will run on Zoom from 16:00-18:00 BST

10th August 2020 – Building Resilience $20

Has your resilience been tested during this pandemic? I felt that this is a great topic to work on together. You’ll come away with strategies and tools that will help you turn around negative thoughts and strengthen your resolve.

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17th August 2020 – Assertiveness $20

How do we strike that balance between giving in to everyone else and being aggressive and alienating others? You will learn some key assertiveness techniques which will help you speak up for yourself while respecting others.

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24th August 2020 – Problem Solving and Decision Making $20

How often do we use a systematic approach to solve our problems? This workshop gives you a logical, but creative, framework that really works to solve problems as an individual or in a team.

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Leadership and Management – 6 two-hour workshops $120

This programme is a fantastic opportunity to get to know others who are in a similar role as you and benefit from Sharon’s experience of teaching leadership and management in dozens of organisations for over twenty years.
You’ll learn current leadership trends, discuss how they apply to your situation and how you can implement them.
We’ll be using action learning techniques, facilitated by Sharon, so that you’ll come away feeling equipped and empowered to be the best leader you can be.

Module 1: Developing yourself as a leader
Insightful assessment of your skills and personality traits and how they lend themselves to you finding the right leadership style for you and your team. Identify areas where you can develop further and how you could do so, recognising that self-awareness is the foundation of great leadership.

Module 2: Communicating like a leader
We’ll examine the importance of communication in any workplace while learning how to communicate as a leader in such a way that you minimise misunderstandings, mistakes and muddled messages.

Module 3: Interpersonal skills
Having looked at ourselves in the previous two modules, we turn our attention to some key skills needed to work with others effectively.

Module 4: Establishing your team
Understanding how people work together and how you can manage them effectively is crucial to every leader – however talented we are, we usually need others to work with us to achieve our goals.

Module 5: Managing performance
Working with principles which will help you to achieve maximum performance from your team and tools to use on those (hopefully rare) occasions when performance is not up to your desired standard.

Module 6: Managing Change
In today’s world, there’s nothing certain except that things will change. Not everyone copes with change well, so this module will equip you to manage the change as effectively as possible and help you minimise any negative impacts on your team.

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