I’ve recently been trying to keep a sense of humour while my internet connection has let me down several times a day over the past few weeks. Our provider is trying a number of solutions, but so far has not come up with a permanent one. It’s funny, in a humourless way, how dependent I’ve become on being able to send e-mails and work online. Everything is taking me so much longer than usual and my patience is definitely stretched. It’s been one of those times when I might as well laugh or I might cry!

Seriously though, folks, laughter is the best medicine for all sorts of workplace ills – especially those that are out of our control. I even found an online course (while I was briefly connected to the internet!) on the benefits of humour at work in terms of productivity, motivation, stress reduction, better team relationships, etc. https://www.udemy.com/humor-at-work/

Isn’t it good to be around someone who can always see the funny side of the situation and can defuse potential conflict or stress in a few well-chosen words?

Humour is not getting a laugh at someone else’s expense, because that causes hurt, resentment and can sometimes be a form of bullying – definitely not a good interpersonal skill.

Humour is the gift of making light of serious things while still knowing that they have to be taken seriously. It’s helping others to put a situation into perspective when it has become all-consuming and stressful. It’s building team spirit and strengthening the common ground that good relationships are built on.

I know that I can be too intense, so this blog is definitely for me to learn to lighten up and laugh more.