Away Days

It’s great to reward your staff with some time away from the workplace to have fun and to move forward as a team. Away Days are a great opportunity for people to get to know each other better out of the normal context of work. You’ll find that the team have a new insight into how they work together and how they can maximise their potential.

We have a number of great team building activities to offer which help everyone to work on their communication, planning and interpersonal skills while learning to value everyone’s contribution in a relaxed environment.

You can use the Inspire Away Day to move forward on strategy, procedures or anything you wouldn’t normally have time to get to grips with at work. You can have a facilitated creative problem-solving session which is team building as well as solution finding. We will design the day to achieve the outcomes you want.

We believe it’s important to go back to work feeling motivated and also ready to implement the action points that have come out of the day.
The results can be dramatic – it’s amazing how practical solutions can emerge – meaning real, lasting changes to procedures or working practices with everyone’s buy-in. A win-win outcome!

I’d love to discuss how Inspire Away can help your organisation.

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